Yoga Practice System for Health, Happiness and Longevity

Simon Borg-Oliver

3 yoga classes, the practice of which will reset the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, reproductive system, can help to reset the gastrointestinal system, get rid of pain in the back, neck and lower back and work on the joints
Start on March 22

Often yoga is associated with very flexible people doing beautiful poses on a mat and being in harmony with their own bodies and minds. In fact, today the practice of yoga is more of a therapy, and it's in demand in this format. In our previous classes we looked at different parts and elements of the body and practiced for the health of individual organs and systems.

In this course from a top teacher, we will look at our physical and mental state. We will study a number of practices that allow us to reset the nervous system, strengthen the immune and reproductive systems, reset the gastrointestinal tract, and get rid of neck, back, lower back, and joint pain.

What will you learn on this course?

Learn the main principles of adapting yoga practice to the specifics and nuances of your own body

Learn how to move energy and information through the body so that we don't feel overstretched and overwhelmed by yoga practice, and as a bonus we get natural strength and flexibility

Learn to bring yoga principles into your inner world and interaction with the world around you

Enhancing blood circulation without increasing heart rate

How to encourage the flow of your blood while keeping your heart rate low? This means you can have increased energy while remaining calm. Increased blood flow promotes greater flexibility of muscles, nerves and joints as well as improves your energy levels. Because this is done in a very relaxing way the parasympathetic nervous system dominates and your immune reproductive and digestive functions will be enhanced.



One class lasts 2.5 hours, takes place online with a teacher who gives theory and practice


60-Day Access

После окончания курса вы сможете пересматривать записи уроков в течение 60 дней


Communication and support

You can ask the teacher a question in the course's private chat room

Course speaker — Simon Borg-Oliver, top yoga teacher from Australia, founder of Yoga Synergy

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Simon has 41 years of teaching experience, having studied with Shandor Remete, Pattabhi Jois, T. K. V. Deshikachar. He has been to Pune nine times and has studied with Gururji Sri B. K. S. Iyengar.

A special feature of Simon's system is the fusion of traditional yoga, science and physical therapy. Simon is a specialist in human biology and molecular biology and teaches at the Sidney Institute.

More about education and experience

Course speaker — Simon Borg-Oliver, top yoga teacher from Australia, founder of Yoga Synergy

Simon Borg-Oliver is the founder of Yoga Synergy, one of the oldest and most respected schools in Australia. Yoga Synergy's style is based on a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology and on the principles of traditional hatha yoga.
Simon began teaching yoga in 1982. He is a certified physiotherapist, a specialist in human biology and molecular biology, and teaches at the University of Sydney. Since 1990 he has been actively teaching yoga and lecturing around the world.
Simon's biography is unusual. At the age of six, his father introduced him to the practice of pranayama, which he learned from his friend, Olympic swimming champion from Rhodesia Basil Brown. At age 17, Simon visited a Tibetan lama who introduced him to the philosophy and practice of Tibetan yoga.
In 1985, Simon met his primary teacher, Shandor Remete (Natanega Jander), with whom he studied for about twenty years. He also studied with world-renowned Indian masters: Sri B. K. S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, T. K. V. Deshikachar. Since 2007, Simon has been developing his practice and understanding of yoga by studying with Chinese kung fu master Jen Hua Yang.

Top 5 interesting facts about Simon

Course start —
March 22

The entire course (three lessons)
+Online Meetup

69 USD

For yoga practitioners and teachers

This course is suitable for those who aim to master individual practice and advance the level of proficiency in yoga teaching.

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If you did not have time to participate in the live stream, you can always watch the recording in your personal account until June 5.

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