September 15

Yoga and meditation

Joint live-stream of Devki Desai and Villy Ma (India)

Yoga and meditation

Joint live-stream of Devki Desai and Villy Ma (India)

Imagine a vast ocean in the calm. It is calm and confident. It's not thinking about tomorrow, it's not thinking about the day before. If you want to become that ocean and have a peaceful state of mind and body, practice yoga and meditation with our teachers.

Sri B. K. S. Iyengar called asana and pranayama his prayer, and the continuous practice of yoga his jappa. In Iyengar yoga, all yoga practice is considered meditation. Iyengar yoga teachers will not sit you in a fixed pose for meditation. They will offer you a sequence of asanas which will bring you to a state of calm, very similar to meditation.

Together with Devki Desai, we will explore the effects of asana practice on our condition. To then move on to Satya meditation, a type of meditation that has a power. What is it? Villy Doctor, the author of the Satya Meditation method, will tell us about it in his class.

The two-hour broadcast will conclude with a question and answer session. A light, weightless state of body and a calm, balanced mind is what you will get from this two-hour practice with Devki Desai and Villy Ma. You will be able to repeat this practice as many times as your body and mind require.

Dr. Villy Ma


Founder of Satyavati Spiritual Foundation and Light of Life Trust. More than 30 years, Dr. Villy Ma researches about the impact of meditation on the state of mind and human subtle body. Dr. Villy Ma is an author of the meditation method called Satya, which she brought to perfection. In 2002, Dr. Villy Ma has founded Satyavati Spiritual Foundation and NGO ‘Light of Life Trust’. The main objectives of these two organizations are to help disadvantaged children and women, who are in the difficult situations.

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Devki Desai

devki desai png

Direct student of Guruji Sri B.K.S. Iyengar. As a senior yoga teacher of RIMYI (Puna), Devki Desai helds two advanced classes as well as one Sunday class for kids. Devki Desai had assisted to Gita Iyengar during the national conventions in New Zeland, Australia and Africa. Students of Devki say about her ability to professionally combine yoga Philosophy of Patanjali, accuracy, discipline of Iyengar yoga practice and energy of youth. 

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15 сентября (среда) 9:00-11:15 (по московскому времени)

Yoga practice for rejuvenation and self-healing (Devki Desai)
Satya Meditation (Dr. Villy Ma)
Сессия вопросов и ответов

Consecutive interpretation into Russian: Julia Makarova.

Access to the recording of the livestream until October 15, 2021.

The cost of participation is $12.

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